Saturday, April 01, 2006

MLB Players to go under check for the use of steroids once again

It was announced by the commissioner of the Major league baseball Bud Selig on Thrusday that there would be an investigation for the use of the steroids by the players after the renewed allegations against the slugger Barry Bonds and other players. The investigation is expected to be headed by former US Senator George Mitchell who is a ex- federal judge and US attorney who was previously included in the persons who were working to ensure peace in Northern Ireland and in the Middle east. Selig stated the importance of the integrity of the baseball game by saying that the integrity of the sport was most important for him to the reporters at the major league headquarters. It is supposed that Selig was affected badly by the book that stated the use of steroids by the famous and popular player of San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds and his connection to Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO) that was a subject of federal investigation in San Francisco. The conditions, situations and the evidences revealed in the book recently demands the need of investigation to be undertaken thought the time table of the investigation has not been announced or stated till now but the investigation to happen is confirmed. With the mention of popular slugger Barry Bonds there are various other imminent players that are included in the list of illicit. A few to name are Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa those are said to be accused of using steroids in the baseball. The allegations of this sort have given a chase to a number of people to question the integrity of the sport. Moreover such allegations would adversely effect on the sport. One point to consider is that the use of performance enhancing drugs was not officially banned by MLB till 2002 season. But the players have denied the use of such drugs. Bonds say that he has never used any such drug any time. Let’s see what the investigation report confirm. Do they come out to be positive or negative? Hoping for the best and looking forward for best results.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Cavaliers and LeBron a postseason trip

Cleveland Cavaliers, 42-29, clinched a postseason spot with a 107-94 win over Dallas on Wednesday night and has won six straight. Last season, the Cavaliers went 12-19 after the All-Star break to finish 42-40. Going 1-5 this season, it looked like the Cavaliers were going to repeat the fall this season. However Flip Murray, acquired from Seattle at the trade deadline, hit a game-winning 3-pointer in Chicago on March 2 to end the five-game slip and start a 10-3 run. A season after missing the playoffs by a game, the Cavaliers are headed to the postseason for the first time since 1998. James averages 31.2 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game, plays nearly every minute and has kept the team focused during the stretch run. After two All-Star appearances and countless rave reviews, the NBA’s brightest young star finally will appear on its biggest stage. James has matured from seventh-grader to superstar. This also marked Ilgauskas’ return to the postseason as the only player from the 1997-98 playoff team. The Cavaliers has won playoff series in 1993, this gives the Cavaliers longer drought to overcome. The Cavaliers are 2-16 in its last five playoff series. The Cleveland Cavaliers had no time to celebrate after their win against Dallas as now they are focusing on locking up the fourth seed in Eastern Conference.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Probe past steroids use or Probe on Bonds past steroid use?

Major League Baseball will investigate alleged steroid use by ‘Barry Bonds’ and other players. MLB plans to hire former U.S. Senate majority leader George Mitchell to lead the effort. This looks a like witch hunt in which Barry Bonds is the main focus. A formal announcement has not been made yet, but The Association Press reported the league was expected to do so later this week. The investigation has been stimulated by recent allegations in the book that targeted Giants slugger Barry Bonds. The Book, entitled ‘’ Game of Shadows,’’ alleges that Bonds used performance-enhancing drugs, beginning in 1998 for a five year period, which includes his record-breaking 73-home run, 2001 season. Barry Bonds has been the main focus, since leaked grand jury testimony linked him to steroid use. Other current players linked and to be in the investigations are the Yankees’ Garry Sheffield and Jason Giambi, Both these palyers were linked to the alleged steroid use in the book. However, Bonds and other player will be allowed to play while the probe is underway. Bonds is at 708, six homers in arrears of Babe Ruth and 47 behind Hank Aaron, the all-time leader with 755. The suspicion surrounding Barry Bonds and Performance-enhancing drugs have been growing day by day. Eve though, there are other players involved again and again we have seen Bonds being the focus of all these drama, now, one can say that all this is aimed at the man who will make history in the baseball world , if he reached and pass Aaron Record. Barry’s behavior has not been all that well; he is proud and sometimes a little pompous. These entire allegations will jeopardize his induction into Hall of Fame. Let’s wait and see what will happen, after all these are just allegations.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plants are now boring Fruits………. (Vanek’s college experience is paying back now)

While signing Thomas Vanek in fifth round of 2003 NHL Draft, Buffalo Sabres were quite confident about the decision they were taking that time. He was selected in the team because of his incredible performance during his university days. An unforgettable fastest game- winning goal that ex-Golden gopher Vanek scored against Al Montoya of Michigan, now a member of the Hartford Wolf Pack in 2003 led his team towards finals. Vanek has a flair for earning highlight-reel goals the way he used to do during his college play. Vanek says that he is a player of his own kind, he doesn’t follow anyone. "I don't know. I think I am kind of playing my own style. I think I have an energy running and I am that type of player. I think I observe the game" was the statement given by Vanek. This sounds quite true as he has adopted his own styles to play the game. This young NHL rookie has been through all shines and shades as a professional player. As every experience definitely brings some learning for you, Vanek too learnt a lot from his experiences. As in the beginning of this year he was benched by coach Lindy Ruff and then again pulled back, was a learning experience for him that will definitely help him in future. During this spring, 22- year old handsome chap is going to make his debut in Stanley Cup Playoffs; this is the right time when, he can take full advantage of his previous experiences and where the player has an edge. The coach has all reasons to rely on this talented guy and the major reason is his college experience. May good luck always follow Thomas and he always shine like stars.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Josh Barfield joining San Diego Padres

The hottest news of major league baseball is that Josh Barfield is going to join San Diego Padres. He would be playing as the second baseman for the team. At first this news was a sort of a secret that was revealed on the passed Monday night. Jose is going to come on the vacant place that was created due to the trade of Mark Loretta who was trade to the Boston in the off season. Barfield has been impressive both defensively and at plate. Barfield is the son of the former AL home run champ Jesse Barfield who has always played very well and is one of the best persons to suit this job. Barfield was picked up in the fourth round in the 2001 amateur draft and has played very well since coming up in the league. Barfield is regarded as the popular star and maintains good speed. He is expected to be a top Rookie of the year candidate. According to the general manager Kevin Towers, Barfield has been the talk of the camp that he said before the Padres played the Los Angeles Angles. As the fan of this popular star we expect all the best results to come up from him in the future.

Monday, March 27, 2006

LeBron proved he is “the Chosen One”

James LeBron scored 36 points to lead the Cavaliers on their second overtime win of the week, and beating the only NBA team that LeBron had yet to beat, the Houston Rockets. LeBron had the go-ahead dunk with 3:24 left in overtime, to lead the Cavaliers to 104-102 victory over the Houston Rockets on Sunday, March the 26. LeBron had recently developed a reputation for putting up impressive regular season statistic but failing to come through in clutch situations. However, on March 22nd, 2006 he made a winning shot in overtime win over Charlotte. Four days after hitting his first game-winner in the final seconds for a 120-118 overtime victory over the Charlotte, King James broke his five game losing streaks against Houston Rockets. The win against the Rockets has made Cleveland Cavaliers move closer to their first playoffs berth since 1998. The Rockets did not lead in overtime, but tied the game twice on baskets by Yao before James’ dunk. James forced overtime when he made a layup followed by a free throw after being fouled by Yao with 22 seconds left. The 21 years old King James is considered one of the most versatile players in the NBA. Primarily he plays the small forward position; however, he is capable of shifting to the point guard and shooting guard also. So much for the questioning of LeBron’s effortless in clutch situations and his unselfish nature in Ball games.