Saturday, February 18, 2006

The pen is mightier than the sword proved once again by the Ozzie Guillen

The manager of the Chicago White Sox - Ozzie Guillen has given bitter comments to the New York Yankees star in his sports illustrated article for waffling on his choice of the countries for the World Classic. He has realized that the comments he posted were too harsh and that he should not have done the same. He made the statement that he is feeling guilty and embarrassed. He wished that he would not have said the same and hence have apologized at a news conference at the White Sox spring training complex on reporting day for the pitchers and catchers.

In the SI article, which was centered mainly on Guillen's visit to a Venezuelan prison, the manager gave his opinion on several subjects, including Rodriguez's decision on which team to play for in the Classic. Alex Rodriguez is a United States born but his parents are Dominican, so he had an option. The Guillen’s article contained such harsh wordings as "He knew he wasn't going to play for the Dominicans. He's not a Dominican. I hate hypocrites. He's full of (bleep)". Later in his justifications he said that he didn’t call him a hypocrite in that way. Alex is not a hypocrite. He said that he was just trying to say that he doesn’t have to make people happy and if as person does something like this he is called a hypocrite.

Although Guillen has apologized to Alex Rodriguez, his family, fans the New York Yankees organization, to the White Sox organization but the loss the article has made would not be repaid. The effect on the goodwill and the insult that has come up due to this article is really very difficult to be forgotten. It is very correct that a pen is mightier than Sword that has been truly proved here. As, its the pen of the Guillen that has shown its bitterness. Would it be ever forgotten by Alex or the fans and family of the Alex??

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dennis Rodman pondering to come back to NBA Court

Dennis Rodman a famous basketball player decides to leave the British Basketball League and would come back in the NBA. Dennis is 44 years old despite being so old and after being offered trials by two NBA clubs still he wants to return to NBA. He said that it was his dream to get back into NBA on the back of these games after Portland and Toronto had offered him try-outs. He made these statements after achieving 23 rebounds for the Bears against Newcastle and after playing for the Brighton Bears in their 103-84 win away to London Towers.

Dennis had been playing with the Detroit Tigers and Chicago Bulls and became famous with the appearance in Celebrity Big Brother, a British ‘reality’ television show from where he earned handsome amount. In the NBA field Dennis has achieved the NBA championship as many as five times. Dennis stepped in professional basketball in 1986. He has been a trustworthy player through out his career; in 1989 he achieved the Defensive Player of the Year honor, which brought him recognition for his work. Dennis has earned success in basketball.

Dennis has also tried his hands on professional Wrestling; he played his first match of wrestling on July 13, 1997. Rodman is also seen in the line of acting as he made his feature film debut in the action film Double Team alongside Jean Claude Van Damme. The film earned three Golden Raspberry Awards as the worst new star, worst supporting actor and the worst screen couple.

The idea of his coming back in the NBA generated mixed results. According to some people it would be a good idea as Rodman would get a chance to achieve his desired goals. Another idea about his coming back is that whether his joining would really elicit positive result or not. Being a throughout superstar, his joining is expected to bring good results. As a fan of the Rodman, we would like to wish him all the best for his future.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney becomes a coach

Jim Chaney one of the famous offensive coordinator is leaving the National League football. He has accepted the position of a coach. He is scheduled to join the St. Louis Rams team as an assistant offensive coach in the coming session. This would be his first time that he is joining the NFL in coaching job. The news of his coming up as the national football league as an offensive coach has come up with mixed results. Brock Spack said that the team is going to miss Jim a lot. Chaney was an offensive coordinator who has remained with the team for last 12 years.

Jim Chaney is in his ninth season as offensive coordinator. In addition, he is in the third year of his second stint coaching the tight ends. Possessing one of college football's best offensive minds, Chaney has helped the Boilermakers lead the Big Ten in passing offense five of the last eight seasons (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2004) and in total offense on three occasions (1997, 1999 and 2002). From 1997 to 2001, Chaney served as recruiting coordinator and helped Purdue sign some of the country's top high school talent. The 1998 class was ranked second in the Big Ten and 11th nationally. Each of Chaney's last five classes was in the top 30 nationally.

Now stepping in the new field of coaching will be a new experience for him. This new of his would give a turn to the life of Jim Chaney and his coaching will surely make a difference to the St. Louis Rams, who is getting him as a coach. I think that being an experienced person, he will give positive results. I sincerely wish him all the best and success.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Miami’s Weapon

With Dwyane Wade as a weapon Miami Heat showed that they can beat the elite, he scored Miami’s last 17 points, include the game winner on a 16 footer with 2.3 seconds left, the Heat defeated the number one NBA team 100-98 on Sunday. The Heat trailed 90-83 with four and a half minutes left when Wade took over, and his 17 consecutive points were a franchise record and he finished with 37. ‘’ It was a lot of fun,’’ he said. ‘’ It was time for me. I had come through and help this team win. I put it on my shoulders at the end to make some plays.’’ He scored his final seven shots and scored 28 points in the second half. Wade will not stay down for long and when he has a bad game, somehow he will bounce back strong. After scoring just 16 points at Dallas, Wade scored a game high 37 points against Detroit Pistons. ‘’This win is important for our confidence,’’ Wade said. ‘’Any game where we’re down, we can always look back to this game and know that we did it against a good team and can pull it out.’’ Dwyane Wade has become a major force for the Miami Heat. It was a one-man show, foul trouble limited O’Neal to 17 minutes in the second half, and with time running out on the Heat, Wade took over. After Wade’s basket with 55 seconds left made the score 98-all, Detroit missed twice and the Heat regained possession with 25 seconds to go. Wade has proved to be a powerhouse and seems like he will lead the Heat to more victory. Miami Heat fans sure they have all the hopes that may be this season they will win the NBA Trophy.