Monday, April 03, 2006

NETS On the Way to APEX……..

New Jersey Nets are just two steps behind the hot seat in the East. There is no qualm in the fact that they are playing superb basketball games in the NBA, recent example is Nets 12th straight victory with a 90-78 record which is one of the longest winning streak in the league this season. Nets concluded on the team record of 14 successive wins that was laid down two years ago, but Kidd opines that this winning strip is more exciting because of the excellence of several victories. Nets believe that they were always underestimated and were never respected according to their caliber. But now as a team they are more confident. Richard Jefferson always argued that the Pistons and the Heat are the two best teams in the East; in fact he can say that because their winning records scream this and upon that these two teams reached to the conference finals last year. He said Nets' 3-1 season series edge as an accident which was a result of conspiracy against Heats. Nets are on the way to prove them and Riley said "I'd like to secure what we've had all season, the No. 2 seed,” "We have to gather ourselves and get back on track." Hopefully his wordings come true and Nets always sparkle in the basket ball world.


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