Saturday, April 01, 2006

MLB Players to go under check for the use of steroids once again

It was announced by the commissioner of the Major league baseball Bud Selig on Thrusday that there would be an investigation for the use of the steroids by the players after the renewed allegations against the slugger Barry Bonds and other players. The investigation is expected to be headed by former US Senator George Mitchell who is a ex- federal judge and US attorney who was previously included in the persons who were working to ensure peace in Northern Ireland and in the Middle east. Selig stated the importance of the integrity of the baseball game by saying that the integrity of the sport was most important for him to the reporters at the major league headquarters. It is supposed that Selig was affected badly by the book that stated the use of steroids by the famous and popular player of San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds and his connection to Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO) that was a subject of federal investigation in San Francisco. The conditions, situations and the evidences revealed in the book recently demands the need of investigation to be undertaken thought the time table of the investigation has not been announced or stated till now but the investigation to happen is confirmed. With the mention of popular slugger Barry Bonds there are various other imminent players that are included in the list of illicit. A few to name are Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa those are said to be accused of using steroids in the baseball. The allegations of this sort have given a chase to a number of people to question the integrity of the sport. Moreover such allegations would adversely effect on the sport. One point to consider is that the use of performance enhancing drugs was not officially banned by MLB till 2002 season. But the players have denied the use of such drugs. Bonds say that he has never used any such drug any time. Let’s see what the investigation report confirm. Do they come out to be positive or negative? Hoping for the best and looking forward for best results.


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