Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Burleson’s Dream Come True…….

Canadian-born wide receiver, Al Burleson’s long awaited dream came true when his son was signed by Seattle Seahawks for the first time. In 1975, Al Burleson's career at University of Washington ended as defensive back. He was almost sure for his acquisition by the new NFL team that was about to make its debut across town. But fortunes didn’t favor the bravo and Burleson was signed by the Los Angeles Rams. After spending some good time with Rams, Burleson had to move to Canada where he played for seven years. Burleson’s himself couldn’t play with the Seahawks but his desire is now fulfilled by his eldest son Nate Burleson. I believe this would have been Burleson’s true love and desire to be a part of Seattle and see how his wish has become a reality. Every true citizen has love for his home town, Nate who spent first three years of his football career with Minnesota Vikings, still says "I love Seattle, to be back home, in a place that I treasure so much, that just makes things easier. It makes it that much easier to wake up every day and do your job." His statement clearly says that how eager he was to be in his native place. Natt didn’t have to look for inspiration outside as it was there always there with him in the figure of his father. "When it comes to looking at heroes, my father was the closest thing to me," he said. I think if your ideal is so close to you, then your spirits will always remain high and you will rarely feel low. Seahawks’ newest offensive weapon is happy to be in Seattle. So I wish him all the good luck and prosperity for his longed of life in his native land. May he remain favorite of all forever.


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