Thursday, March 30, 2006

Probe past steroids use or Probe on Bonds past steroid use?

Major League Baseball will investigate alleged steroid use by ‘Barry Bonds’ and other players. MLB plans to hire former U.S. Senate majority leader George Mitchell to lead the effort. This looks a like witch hunt in which Barry Bonds is the main focus. A formal announcement has not been made yet, but The Association Press reported the league was expected to do so later this week. The investigation has been stimulated by recent allegations in the book that targeted Giants slugger Barry Bonds. The Book, entitled ‘’ Game of Shadows,’’ alleges that Bonds used performance-enhancing drugs, beginning in 1998 for a five year period, which includes his record-breaking 73-home run, 2001 season. Barry Bonds has been the main focus, since leaked grand jury testimony linked him to steroid use. Other current players linked and to be in the investigations are the Yankees’ Garry Sheffield and Jason Giambi, Both these palyers were linked to the alleged steroid use in the book. However, Bonds and other player will be allowed to play while the probe is underway. Bonds is at 708, six homers in arrears of Babe Ruth and 47 behind Hank Aaron, the all-time leader with 755. The suspicion surrounding Barry Bonds and Performance-enhancing drugs have been growing day by day. Eve though, there are other players involved again and again we have seen Bonds being the focus of all these drama, now, one can say that all this is aimed at the man who will make history in the baseball world , if he reached and pass Aaron Record. Barry’s behavior has not been all that well; he is proud and sometimes a little pompous. These entire allegations will jeopardize his induction into Hall of Fame. Let’s wait and see what will happen, after all these are just allegations.


Blogger Rob Castro said...

2) Steroids in baseball should not only be intolerable but should result in criminal investigation. Baseball is not an excuse for taking steroids because the last time I checked it was illegal anywhere in sports. Major League Baseball has done a very poor job and they are now paying for all of this media attention. If anything, baseball should be under scrutiny for a long time because of their poor judgment in letting this problem get out of hand. I agree that baseball’s integrity is shot, but Selig should have known this since he turned a blind eye.

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