Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plants are now boring Fruits………. (Vanek’s college experience is paying back now)

While signing Thomas Vanek in fifth round of 2003 NHL Draft, Buffalo Sabres were quite confident about the decision they were taking that time. He was selected in the team because of his incredible performance during his university days. An unforgettable fastest game- winning goal that ex-Golden gopher Vanek scored against Al Montoya of Michigan, now a member of the Hartford Wolf Pack in 2003 led his team towards finals. Vanek has a flair for earning highlight-reel goals the way he used to do during his college play. Vanek says that he is a player of his own kind, he doesn’t follow anyone. "I don't know. I think I am kind of playing my own style. I think I have an energy running and I am that type of player. I think I observe the game" was the statement given by Vanek. This sounds quite true as he has adopted his own styles to play the game. This young NHL rookie has been through all shines and shades as a professional player. As every experience definitely brings some learning for you, Vanek too learnt a lot from his experiences. As in the beginning of this year he was benched by coach Lindy Ruff and then again pulled back, was a learning experience for him that will definitely help him in future. During this spring, 22- year old handsome chap is going to make his debut in Stanley Cup Playoffs; this is the right time when, he can take full advantage of his previous experiences and where the player has an edge. The coach has all reasons to rely on this talented guy and the major reason is his college experience. May good luck always follow Thomas and he always shine like stars.


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