Saturday, March 25, 2006

Johnson Keyshawn to be with the Carolina Panthers for 4 years

Johnson keyshawn one of the most popular American football wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers is joining Panthers and would remain with the team for next four years, all necessary legal formalities are to be undertaken on March 24. He is expected to play opposite Steve Smith as the number two receiver. The manager of the Carolina Panthers ‘Marty Hurney’ says that they all hope to formally introduce him very soon. Johnson was formerly a part of the Dallas Cowboys who has been released from them recently in March 2006 only. After getting released by the Dallas Cowboys he turned down an offer from the New York Giants and had planned to visit Seattle after meeting with the Panthers. He had himself not thought about Carolina before the miraculous meeting of 23rd march with the team officials that finally resulted in his joining Carolina Panthers.

Johnson is among the top player of the football he stands on 23rd place in NFL with career reception of 673 and is 39 catches shy of the NFL’s all time Top 20. With 839 yards receiving in 2005, Johnson became the 23rd player in NFL history to reach the 9,000-yard mark for his career. Carolina Panthers team expects that his coming up in the team would definitely prove to be beneficial for the team. All his fans and spectators of football have positive expectations from him. I would like to wish him all the best and sincerely hope to see him as a super sports star in future.


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