Monday, March 06, 2006

David Wells- likely to leave MLB after 2006 season

The famous player of the Major League Baseball, David Wells who currently is playing as a top pitcher with the Boston Red Sox team made a statement that he would be getting retired after the 2006 season. But to the excitement of the fans this famous player has now changed his mind and has rescinded his trade request. It was known that due to the knee surgery and lack of privacy this imminent star wanted to leave the game but now on Sunday he has made a statement that he has changed his mind and that he would like to play for one more year.

According to the sources, Wells underwent a knee surgery in the off-season and was feeling lack of privacy. All his fans and the team members are excited to hear the news that Wells has decided to stay back for some more time. Wells is a remarkable player who was once commented by Actuary Jon Ketzner who said Wells has "the best body in baseball." He is widely considered to have been joking - but Wells's longevity is nonetheless quite notable. Wells told the 25-year-old Beckett, traded from Florida in the offseason, that he would be working with an outstanding catcher, Jason Varitek.


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