Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bonds still going strong

Barry Bonds hit his fourth homer of the spring on his first swing in five days, sending a two-run shot to right field in the first inning of the San Francisco Giants’ 11-4 loss to the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday night. Despite being hounded by allegations of steroids in the ‘’Game of Shadows,’’ the book detailing extensive evidence of Bonds’ alleged steroid use, the slugger did not seem to be worried about its publication while going 1-for-2 with a walk and playing six innings in left field, his longest stint of the spring. Barry Bonds needs seven homers to pass Babe Ruth for second place and 48 to overtake Hank Aaron for the top spot. So many accusations are going on against Bonds and his alleged steroids use and other performance enhancing drugs. Bonds, a cool 9-for-13 .692 in spring training, would not speak with reporters before or after his first exhibition appearance since Friday, March 17. Bonds’ homer provided San Francisco’s only runs against Escobar. Bonds grounded out to first base in the third inning, then walked in the sixth before leaving for a pinch-runner. The closer Bonds is getting towards passing Ruth for second Place and Aaron for the first top spot, controversies seems to increase. With all these allegations it seemed uncertain whether Bonds should make the Hall of Fame if his alleged use of steroids is proven. The upcoming book, written by two San Francisco Chronicles reporters, alleged that Bonds used performance-enhancing drugs for at least five seasons beginning in 1998. Such drugs were banned by baseball after the 2002 season.


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