Thursday, March 16, 2006

Barry Bonds quest!

Despite being hounded by allegations of steroids use in two upcoming books and slowed by his knees, Barry Bonds is in midseason form at the plate. He is 7-for-9 with three home runs and a double in four games. In the lineup on back to back days for the first time this spring, Bonds homered for the second straight day and made a brief appearance in left field in the Giants’ 10-6 victory Wednesday march 15 over the Milwaukee Brewers. Now, it is just a question of whether his surgically repaired right knee is ready for the daily rigors of playing in the field is still moving gingerly on his right knee, which underwent three operations last year. Barry Bonds is still moving gingerly on his right knee, which underwent three operations last year. Bonds played in left for the second time this spring, leaving after his homer in the bottom of the second inning. After getting no chances in four innings in the field Sunday against San Diego, Bonds got a ball hit his way in the first inning. With the Giants able to use the designated hitter in only six games this season, Bonds will need to get plenty of time in left field if the team is going to complete in the National League West. Bonds has 708 home runs in his career, seven shy of passing Babe Ruth and 48 away from breaking Hank Aaron’s career record of 755. The way Bonds is hitting this spring, it might not take him long to move past Babe Ruth into second place on the all-time home run list, that if, if teams pitch to him when the games begin to count.


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