Monday, February 27, 2006

Garnett Anger management

On Sunday, Feb. 26, Minnesota forward Kevin Garnett was ejected for throwing the ball into the stands and accidentally hitting the fan in the third quarter of Minnesota’s victory over Memphis.’’ I just tossed it,’’ Garnett said ‘’I didn’t even look at where I tossed it. I was just so …..mad.” He was? Apparently he was upset by a previous call, he did not intend to throw the ball into the stands, and he was just trying to get a delay of game call. ‘’ By no means was I trying to hit a fan,’’ he said. Garnett was reacting in frustration after being called an offensive foul. Remember Artest and the mess that was. These players they have to control their frustration, however the Kevin Garnett incident on Sunday was clearly an accident and he apologized to the fan immediately after he was ejected. The fan was examined by the Medical personnel and appeared to be uninjured. The nine-time All-Star, Kevin Garnett was called for the foul while driving against Shane Battier on the baseline in the third quarter with Minnesota leading 64-61. Steve Garnett, a former league MVP had 17 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists. He was replaced by Eddie Griffin in the lineup. He again checked in on the family to apologize before leaving the arena. Thought this incident is not as serious as Ron Artest incident, players should control themselves, these athletes are strong, and when unsuspected fan is hit with a ball thing can get really messy when fan is really injured, especially when notable players, such as Garnett are involved. As I said players should really control themselves.


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I agree with you. I was even more disappointed with the fans than I was of KG. Read my rant on my blog at

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