Monday, January 30, 2006


Dennis Rodman wants to returns to Brighton Bears to use British Basketball League [BBL] as a springboard to an unlikely National Basketball Association comeback at the age of 44. He made his BBL debut for the Bears on 29th January 2006, three days after being evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother television show. He went on to score four points for the bears, and had seven rebounds, three of them in the final 80 seconds, with the game on line, as the Bears recorded a 91-88 victory over Guildford Heat in front of a 1700 strong crowd at Brighton Triangle. A former professional basketball player, he has been known for his defense and rebounding ability, and for his controversial antics on and off the court. Rodman is also known for his controversial behavior and outlandish appearance notoriously prone to cursing in public or on live television during his playing career, he sported numerous tattoos and piercing, and frequently dyed his hair a bright, artificial color long before such a look became commonplace. Rodman played one of the most physical positions in basketball at power forward, and despite giving up as much as half a foot in some matches was considered perhaps the top rebounder of his generation and one of the best defenders at his position. Rodman had a very successful career as an NBA player; played for Detroit, San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls. In January 2006, Rodman appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. On January 26, it was announced that Rodman had signed a one game experiment deal for the UK basketball side Brighton Bears to play Guildford Heat on the 28th January. If successful, the Bears have an option on further matches. The former Chicago Bulls, who proved a popular figure with the capacity crowd, is keen for Brighton to exercise an option to use him for two more matches, a league game against the Newcastle Eagles at the larger Brighton Center on February 14 and at Wembley Arena, in a rescheduled match 24 hours later. Rodman, a forward who won five NBA titles with Detroit Pistons and the Bulls, has not played in the NBA since quitting Dallas Mavericks in 2000. If Rodman returns successful, he will be the oldest player in the league’s history at 44 years of age.


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