Friday, January 06, 2006


Quarterback Mark Brunell is 30 plus while this is going to be the first playoff experience for Chris Simms. It will be a big factor in how Tampa Bay performs offensively, because they will be facing a blitzkrieg defense from the Redskins. The fact that Brunell has been in the playoffs and does have experience that gives him a little bit of a nod. But as far as the two guys and how they play, they're both similar. They're both are left-handers and can throw the long ball andcontrolled passes the majority of the time. Simms and Brunell are also short-intermediate throwers, with a propensity to follow conservative routes. But both try to stretch the field with their big-play receivers, Santana Moss and Joey Galloway. As far experience is concerned the edge obviously goes to Brunell but in terms of big-play ability, they're both at par. But its going to be more of a defensive struggle because of the fact that they've played each other before. Moreover, it is a competition between the two top-10 defenses in the league. Washington's momentum coming into the game means a lot -- and not so much because of the winning streak and more importantly, the Redskins are playing well. They're running the ball, playing strong defense and creating turnovers. They're doing all those things right now, and that's why they're winning games. The Redskins should feel extremely confident that they can come to Tampa Bay and beat this team. But the Buccaneers are sure to be confident as well, as they actually did win last time. Because both teams should be coming in confident, both will probably play neck-to-neck. The Redskins have some playoff experience on their roster, but they do have some young guys who haven't been there, so going into Tampa Bay could be rough.


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