Friday, January 06, 2006


The Detroit Pistons form an awesome basketball team who have a core of former champions, and are off as everyone knows to a fabulous 25-4 start, and have arguably the very best starting or at least the most “well rounded” five in the game. Their drive, teamwork, and diverse set of skills that Joe Dumars has expertly put together is truly notable. Moreover, their bench may well be improved this year with forward Antonio McDyess healthy, and very solid role players in guards Maurice Evans and Argentinean Carlos Delfino often getting some key minutes. The Pistons fans might sack the on average slow-starting Spurs as a menace to their top NBA record, after the Pistons defeated the Spurs completely 95-80 on Christmas day, but there were certainly some explanatory circumstances at work in that game that may have contributed to the lop-sided loss. The Pistons have a heady road record of 10-3. Statistically, Detroit is near the top of the league in scoring with about 99.6 PPG but their winning point differential has dropped to 7.75. The Pistons also have two of the top five “scorers in the paint” in Duncan and the ever more reliable Tony Parker. Detroit has not taken a step back defensively with their increased overall scoring output. Detroit is not a very good defensive team when it counts or that they are not doing a lot of the little things to win, but in reality the gap between them other top NBA teams is not that large. Detroit is certainly also playing and acting like a team on a mission, but whether or not they can sustain their current overall excellence over a long 82 game season seems to be in vague.


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