Monday, January 02, 2006


The coming year in baseball is about spectacular. It’s going to be big-league dreams and impossible dreams. Major League Baseball fans have come to expect in this golden era of the sport and it is probably the first time that every single team has a chance of going all the way and been able to back it up. No one on the first day of 2005 really expected the made-over White Sox to win their first world championship since 1917, but they did. In 2004, the Red Sox staged one of the greatest comebacks in sports history against the Yankees on the way to their first world championship since 1918. That was a year after the Marlins "shocked the world" and clinched a title at Yankee Stadium. That was a year after the Angels won their first title by beating the Giants in the first all-Wild Card World Series. And that was a year after the Diamondbacks won their first title in that seven-game classic against the Yanks. It is becoming tradition for athletes who are living out a big-league dream of their own to fulfill that prophecy. Your favorite player who finished last season on the D.L. is looking healthy and all the more aggressive. This Major League season will be ushered in like none before it, because of the inaugural World Baseball Classic in which many of the marquee names in the literal baseball world will play. The Semifinals and Final will be played at PETCO Park in San Diego. The regular season will open April 2 with the Indians at the White Sox. It will be the first ring ceremony before White Sox fans, because they didn't hand out championship rings when the team won its last previous title in 1917. The 77th All-Star Game will be played July 11 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and maybe this is a good omen for the National League.


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