Monday, January 02, 2006


It's a new year and a chance for Pistons coach Flip Saunders to reflect on the highs and lows of 2005. He has come out on the high side of an interesting journey that not too many coaches have gone from being fired by one of their friends to being on top of the NBA a few months later. On Feb. 12, 2005, Timberwolves vice-president of basketball operations Kevin McHale who was also Saunders' University of Minnesota basketball teammate fired Saunders. Five months later, Saunders was named coach of the Pistons. And now, Saunders is leading the team with the NBA's best record at 24-4. Saunders hardship of leaving his wife and four kids back in Minnesota this year has been lessened by the Pistons. He can frequently go to suburban Minneapolis as much as possible to see them. Almost a year ago he let go the things with an excuse that everything happens for a reason, but one never know at that time what the reason is, but there is one. Now with the Pistons, and with the whole vibe of the city, how the fans embrace the whole team and now Saunders, the organization seems to very fun for Saunders to go to work every day regardless of how they've been winning so far. There is no coach who could envision the team is going to be 24-4 after 28 games.


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