Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Commercials in the Super Bowl Championship

The Super Bowl Championship is one of the most honorable titles for any player or team. This Championship began in January 1967 as the NFL-AFL World championship Game in which the NFL championship team played against the champion of the younger, rival American Football League (AFL) for the "World Championship of Professional Football". It was after the merger of these leagues in 1970, the Super Bowl became NFL’s championship game. Since then the game is been played annually on a Sunday following a playoffs. This championship is the most audience attracting championship that matters a lot to both the teams and the players. It is a championship that involves high revenue. The entertainment aspect is taken care of fully as there are popular singers and musicians that perform at the time of breaks. The matches witness a large number of spectators that proves an excellent opportunity for the companies to advertise. The television network showing the game changes from year to year. In the United States it is currently shared between three of the four major television networks - ABC, CBS, and FOX. Super Bowl XXXVIII was shown on CBS, Super Bowl XXXIX was shown on FOX, and Super Bowl XL will be shown on ABC, which will be the final NFL game broadcast on that network for the foreseeable future. Eventually the airing of these commercials was hampered. Once again now it is announced by the league that after the game ends on Feb. 5, it would re-air the commercials shown during ABC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XL. According to the sources, the Super Bowl commercials will be broadcast six times between Monday and Tuesday next week on the NFL cable channels and on Sprint's mobile network. From midnight Sunday night through Sunday Feb. 12, the NFL will also offer the program as a video on demand option for digital cable subscribers. The program will also be available during this time on various websites and through a large number of mobile networks. The cable channel ESPN has planned to let the viewers watch the Super Bowl ads again.


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