Monday, December 05, 2005


Every Suns game is an answer to certain questions that have popped out including who will be the best player in the notorious Joe Johnson trade five years from now? Will Johnson develop his fine talents in the insignificance of Atlanta? Will it be one of the two first-round draft the Suns received from the Hawks? Or will it be Boris Diaw, the player the Hawks handed the Suns to shut down the deal?

Booing Johnson incessantly, the crowd of 16,992 at America West Arena helped boost the Suns to an easy 112-94 victory over Johnson's Atlanta Hawks on Sunday night. This scenario again puts up a question. Is Boris Diaw really another Magic? Diaw, the drive-and-dish specialist with a great basketball I.Q., continues to grow in confidence. Though he is seldom showing his set of skills but still at this moment of time he is the person for the right comparison. It was Diaw's clever play and pure efficiency of his stat line -- 5-for-6 FGs, 4-for-5 FTs, nine assists, four boards, four blocks -- that brought the Suns back to the original question: Which team got the best player in the trade?

For one thing, there is no one else like Magic Johnson. For another, Magic one has to have the ball in his hands all the time, to become the point guard for one of the greatest teams ever. And, on the contrary Diaw is passive and cool.

In Atlanta, Diaw had a big problem. He could get into the lane at will, but he wouldn't or couldn't finish at the basket. At this, the Hawks focused on what he couldn't do. Here in the Suns, the organization has seen what he could do. So, in a genius move the Suns took the point guard and made him a center. (This is where the Magic comparisons start). Diaw's needs to finish stronger. He needs to drive past almost anyone, with his long, smooth strides since he tends to pass or flip the ball up instead of dunking it when he approaches the rim.


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