Friday, December 02, 2005


The best team in the conference probably won't be decided until the final week of the regular season, but this can’t stop the analysts from giving their opinions on the scenario. Seattle has the NFL's top offense and at 9-2, they own the best record. They are the undisputed leaders of the NFC for four vital reasons. The first is Shaun Alexander, whose rushing speed is overwhelming and puts him among the top contenders for league MVP. The second is the blocking of fullback Mack Strong. The third is the supremacy of Seattle's offensive line and the consistently strong performance of the Seahawks defensive line being the fourth one. Although the Seahawks aren't loaded with big names on their front four, tackle Rocky Bernard has been a major unsettling force inside. Left end Bryce Fisher is having the best season of his five-year career and, while right end Grant Wistrom has not produced many sacks.

The Seahawks can score more than enough points to win any game, and they'll become tougher to defeat with home-field advantage in the playoffs. With a bullying defense with one of the league's best running backs the Seahawks are complete in itself and have just about everything that a team requires to be a worthy participant.

After the culmination of this week still four more weeks are there for the regular season to come, and it’s going to be a real dogfight to become the pioneer the respective leagues. If the Seahawks are getting prominence for their offense, then Chicago also don’t lack anywhere. They have the top defense.


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