Friday, December 09, 2005


Heisman favorite Reggie Bush is all set in momentum as he is playing for another national title. His competency has raised many expectations that he will become an unstoppable NFL running back. Nicknamed The President, Bush is outstanding for his extraordinary speed and ambiguousness. His contention for the Heisman Trophy is directly proportionate to his acquisition in the top five picks in the 2006 NFL Draft. No NFL team he is going to play for is likely to be as powerful and successful as USC. New England won three of the past four Super Bowls but lost 16 games during that stretch. Bush is already at the summit and is cutting its way through the sport. Already, USC is almost a touchdown favorite to beat Texas in the Rose Bowl for title No. 3. The only surer thing this week is Bush for the Heisman. No player in recent years has been more blessed than Bush. There have been no injuries that he has countered.

Leinart's time is almost up and Bush might take that No. 1 spot, and the extra millions that go with it, that Leinart surrendered last year. History opines Leinart, as a quarterback, is going to have a much longer career than a running back whose average NFL stay lasts three years. But is Bush a true running back if his career evolves into that of a returner. Bush is known for his entertaining runs.


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