Sunday, December 18, 2005


The tie games are terrible things in hockey. Tie is a result just like winning and losing are results. There are good ties and bad ones. Sometimes in hockey the only fair result is a tie. The notion behind shootout is

Before going to the shootout, though, overtime would be modified to include one five-minute period of four-on-four overtime and, if still tied, a three-minute period of three-on-three. If, after eight minutes of overtime, the game is still tied, then it would go to a shootout. The winner of the game - in regulation time, overtime or the shootout - would receive two points for the victory. The loser, regardless of when the loss occurred, would receive no points.

Unlike my title ”SHOOTOUTS GURANTEE A WINNER” I strictly condemn the notion since it is a lousy way to decide a hockey game in a World Championship and a lousy way to decide a hockey game in an NHL regular season. If ties are eliminated, we don't need points at all. Elimination of ties has to be the dumbest rule change idea that is being considered. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a shootout winner recieve two points while the loser still gets one? Shootouts can be more exciting each goalie is permitted to take a breakaway on the other goalie. Hockey can’t be so unsophisticated to think that they ought not to make changes to make it a more offensive game.


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