Sunday, December 18, 2005


A legal fight between the New Orleans Saints and the NFL over the franchise's location after this season could be intimidating. Even the NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has showed his apathy. He along with the support of the NFL Players Association is prepared to order the Saints back to their Metairie training facility in January and schedule most if not all of their 2006 home games in Baton Rouge and a repaired Superdome. And the team apparently wants to remain in San Antonio, where the franchise relocated shortly after the Hurricane Katrina that damaged New Orleans on Aug. 29.

Moreover with the revelation of the fact that the controlling partner of the franchise was unregistered in Louisiana and registered in Texas on Oct. 31, the Saints legally want to stay in San Antonio only. The timing of the registration change could play a significant role because it came nearly two months after the team moved to San Antonio indefinitely. The irritated Benson has already said that he would never return to Baton Rouge. Registering his corporation in Texas rather than Louisiana could mean significant tax savings to Benson. Louisiana has a 4 percent tax on corporations, while Texas has none. It also could mean that a future lawsuit against the NFL would be heard in a Texas court rather than a Louisiana court. Benson wants to put down the roots of his team in San Antonio, which has been a second home to the New Orleans native for decades.


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