Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The Red Sox after gauging their interest in a straight up, Tejada-for-Manny Ramirez swap gave the nation an instant spark to hope for the best. With Tejada having four years and approximately $49 million remaining on his deal with Orioles and Ramirez with three years and $57 million left with the Red Sox, the platform is all set to host an epic swap. The Orioles now would need the Red Sox to throw in a starter or reliever before the transaction could be taken into consideration more seriously. It seems that it is difficult for the Orioles to decided whether Tejada is elated or gloomed and whether or not he had a real bad day or he intends of making the Orioles' lives dejected until he is moved.

But Tejada should know how important he is and what’s his worth since multiple teams contacted the Orioles on Friday and presented enough interesting offers that even the panorama of Ramirez launching home runs at Camden Yards did not stood anywhere.

Late in the month of October, it was surfaced that Ramirez had asked the Red Sox to trade him due to his grudges against the city, which intervened in his private affairs. The Red Sox promised the slugger they would make a good-faith attempt to trade him. On the other hand during the Winter Meetings, Orioles superstar Tejada expressed his desire to play for some other team, due to Baltimore's inability to contend in the American League East. While Ramirez and Tejada, two of the game's best offensive players, looks like a great match, an issue that has popped up is that Orioles that have been labeled as non-contenders Would Ramirez even accept a trade to the Orioles? The O's are cool to the proposal. Ramirez has full proscription power over any trade, and the Orioles find it hard to believe he'd agree to come to Camden Yards. Ramirez is keen to play for the Angels who've been looking for a run producer ever since Paul Konerko re-signed with the White Sox. But Tejada's sudden declaration that he wants out of Baltimore has created a nuptials of convenience with the Red Sox.


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