Friday, December 23, 2005


The veteran Jets receiver stayed away for over a month so he could come to terms with the predicted that he would never be a part of that locker room again. The thought of going back into the locker room, seeing his teammates, his uniform, his old life was too much to bear for Wayne Chrebet. Once Chrebet made his way to the Jets facility for the first time since sustaining another concussion Nov. 6, he realized it could be an end of his career. Chrebet confirmed his 11-year career was over. Chrebet quivering lips and watering eyes has made it clear that it is the end of a love story between the little receiver that could and the fans that embraced the hometown hero. Accepting and fighting with the fact that this is the end of his career is heart-rending. He is not going to get back on the field and everybody's aware of that. Chrebet signed with the Jets as an undrafted free agent out of Hofstra, the same place the Jets practice. Though he was undersized at 5-10, he quickly became a clutch possession receiver. Chrebet had a series of head injuries that plagued him the past three seasons, and sustained at least six concussions in his NFL career. He finishes second on the Jets career receptions list with 580.


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