Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The Lakers noticeable lack of talent -- outside of Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom -- is making it clearer by the day that reaching the postseason is a long shot. Still, the Lakers’ has managed to play most of the games above the .50 plateau and a game back of the eighth spot in the Western Conference. At this the Lakers can still rise again to their rightful position. They just need to be optimistic. The Lakers also depend on Smush-mouth basketball. The more performance oriented Smush Parker becomes, the more focused the Lakers become. As the season progresses and Parker becomes more comfortable in the triangle offense, the Lakers will only improve. So far, only one of the Lakers has been aggressive on the offensive end of the floor. Many times, the Lakers’ has given a standing ovation to Bryant every time he broke free from the triangle and relied on his unbelievable talent to keep the Lakers in games. However, the Lakers need to do more than just stay in games. Balanced scoring is what the Lakers need, but it won't happen until Bryant makes those around him better. If Kobe can show some confidence in his teammates, their aggressiveness will increase, and the scoring burden will be taken off No. 8. The Lakers also need to show some patience, but the only problem is that the one player most familiar with the offense -- Bryant -- has shown the least patience. The Lakers also need to realize that there's no need to start panicking. The Lakers also need to learn win some back-to-backs. The Lakers just haven't figured out how to play that second game. In three back-to-backs this year, L.A. is 3-0 on the first night and, 0-3 on the second night. The last of all in the five step program is the acquisition of Latrell Sprewell. The Lakers could use a proven scorer right about now.


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