Friday, December 09, 2005


The Colts are dominating the AFC and as the NFL has entered the final four games of its regular season, there is no looking back for the Colts. It is all about their seemingly unstoppable quest for perfection. However there are some issues since the Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers and New York Giants leads their respective division. The Seahawks have clinched the West, and the other three are almost in a tie to join Seattle in the postseason.

But still if you go in the depth of the issues of these teams, the Bears are 9-3 and have won eight games in a row. Their main concern is their offense and rookie quarterback Kyle Orton. The Bears in their past seven games scored only seven offensive touchdowns, and have failed to score two in a game since a Week 9 win over the New Orleans Saints. Winning with defense is will be a great achievement but the offense needs to do more than that. The Panthers are 9-3 and have won eight of their past nine. Again here the main area of concern is their offense particularly the lack of a running game. Their running game is averaging a league-worst 3.1 yards per carry. No matter how prolific your passing game or how troublesome your defense may be but Panthers you can’t win in the playoffs doing that. The Giants are 8-4 and have won five of their past seven games. Their main aspect of concern is Eli Manning and his slumped QB rating. To win their division, and be a factor in the playoffs, the Giants will need Manning and the defense to be far better than average at the same time. The Seahawks are a conference-best 10-2 and have won in eight games in a row. Their main concern is their offense and their poor performance of their offense against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The conclusion is that fans wait for the final four games of the regular season because they are going to be very interesting.


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