Thursday, December 01, 2005


The Canadiens loss today will tie their 80-year road-loss record. If the Canadiens lose to the Lightning tonight, it will be their 10th straight loss on the road, a mark that they set in 1926. In November 1926, the Canadiens left the Mount Royal Arena to play in the legendary Forum, which they would share with the Montreal Maroons until 1938, when the Maroons busted. The Forum could only accommodate only 9,300 then. Between Jan. 16 and March 13 of 1926, the Canadiens lost 10 straight on the road and the 2005-2006 edition of the Canadiens can achieve endurance by tying that mark tonight in Tampa and they can even break it Friday night against the Florida Panthers. The Canadiens could hold "1926 Night." To give a proper effect the thing required is 1926 jerseys, which would sell like hotcakes.; popcorn and hotdogs for a nickel each; a dollar for a seat in the reds, fifty cents for the whites, a quarter for a nosebleed. For the players the old leather skates, with straight wooden sticks, no helmets or visors and just about as much padding as you have when you wear three pairs of longjohns under your uniform. No goalie masks. No slapshots. No television. No booming scoreboards. In 1926, the Canadiens lost 10 straight on the road. Now they have a chance to do it again -- and how often does that happen to a team? And can anyone around here stop a puck? Tonight in Florida, they will prove it.


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