Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Nicknamed The President, Southern California running back Reggie Bush, the Heisman Trophy winner, has denied making a decision about leaving the Trojans after his junior season based on which team might draft him. On December 10, 2005, after winning the most prestigious award in all of college football, the Heisman Trophy, beating finalists Vince Young and teammate Matt Leinart by a wide margins he is expected to be the top pick if the Texans or San Francisco get the first selection. Most remarkable for his running speed and evasiveness, for which he has been even named "a human highlight reel" and "electrifying," Bush habitually breaks off impressive runs - often dodging, hurdling, and spinning away from defenders in the process. At 5-11 and 200 pounds, he bench-presses 400 pounds and averages 8.9 yards a carry. Not only his running but also his receiving skills are equally good. And something that impresses scouts almost as much as his running ability is that he is well schooled and groomed in picking up the target. In other words, he is flawless.

Bush grew up in Spring Valley, California. His father was a campus security officer and his mother was a deputy sheriff at the county jail. Bush etches the number "619" on top of his black under eye markings as a tribute to the area code of southeast San Diego county. Any team that will acquire Bush will be in a good situation to utilize all of Bush's enormous talents and incredible versatility as a runner, receiver and return man. He will be a receiver, a return guy, or a running back. The thing that's special about Reggie is his speed and his ability to make people miss.

Hey fans! Keep your fingers crossed since being a top prospect going into the draft, he might not go to a very good team, and Bush has succeeded like success. He don't know what it's like to lose.


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