Monday, November 28, 2005


Everyone in the baseball fraternity is talking about B.J.Ryan’s deal. Almost every executive from other teams are all in a state of shock and cant really believe that this is happening for real, its like a never ending nightmare. Robert Victor Ryan are his complete names, he was born on December 28th in 1975, in Bossier city LA, 6-foot-6 tall and weighing 249 lbs.

ESPNews reported that he has signed with thee Blue Jays, never the less Blue Jays officials say that the contract is not final.

This contract is most likely to be remembered as the biggest one given to a reliever in dollars. Going down memory lane we can as well recall that the last player to get a contract of five years or more was Bruce Stutter, his total pay was worth $10 million, Ryan will be earning a little less than that per year.

In the likely event of the deal being granted, the Jays will have to pay some extra cash to the players born in the U.S in order to get them to Canada.

Definitely $ 27 million for three years will be a reasonable price for Ryan. Bearing in mind that even the best of the best of reliever’s performances keeps going up and down from year to year.

Also not forgetting that, Ryan isn’t going to be the last player to get overpaid in this off-season.

For five years the Jay’s are offering Ryan $47 million. This contract might affect Ryan’s performance, playing under pressure which has cracked down many players in the past is one of the reasons and also playing within this bond tight contract.


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