Wednesday, November 16, 2005


A cloud of bizarre has enveloped the Minnesota these days. The type of developing feel-good story has taken place in the squad who were devastatingly pathetic, so fractured that one could hear the pain in every depressed word head coach Mike Tice uttered during his postgame press conference. The team had all the possible problems: an awful defense, lame-duck coach, the love boat humiliation and a losing record. Without Culpepper, the only positives that were in anticipation of Minnesota were a top-10 draft pick and the search for a new coach. But the scenario is totally different now. The Vikings' 24-21 win over the New York Giants last Sunday has given the team a different platform. Led by a journeyman quarterback in Brad Johnson, and with most of the sports world having written them off, the Vikings have suddenly started playing good football. They are emerging out as a better team with Culpepper on the sidelines. Though Culpepper is a fans favorite, but it is a hard truth that without him the team is performing better. Of lately he became the Vikings' biggest problems. He'd lost his confidence and couldn't hit receivers consistently. It looked as if he had become disoriented from his aim. Now that Culpepper is gone, the Vikings are elevating their games instead of waiting for him to carry them. Their season was slipping away because of poor decisions and poor play on the field, but now they have reignited their running game. Though now there is not any time left for the team to turn their new attitude into a postseason berth, but still it's still a good thing that they have atleast become positive.


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