Monday, November 28, 2005


Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys was on a radio show, he spoke in a way suggesting that his team has its eyes on players like the likes of suspended wide receiver Terrell Owens. After this came to the attention of the Philadelphia Eagles they filed a tampering complaint against the Dallas Cowboys.

On Nov.5 Owens was suspended for four games because he criticized quarterback Donovan McNabb, fought with Hugh Douglas who is the team "ambassador," and also for other actions that the team found unsuitable in the team.

There is a high chance that after the suspension has come to an end, the Eagles will most probably deactivate Owens for the remaining of the season, and he might be traded or even released in the next season.

It is against the laws of NFL for a club to try or make a player to leave his current team to sign with them (a member club to interfere with employer-employee relationship of another club)

Jerry Jones broke that rule by saying that he was a risk-taker and that his team has been down that road, after he was asked if his team could be interested in Owens, he replied saying that he could be having the potential to make it things work.

Michael Signora who is the spokesman for the NFL, made it clear that the Eagles Field complaint against Jerry Jone's remarks was under review.


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