Monday, November 14, 2005


"The Devil's Dictionary," describes patience as "despair, disguised as a virtue." Until this season the definition held a frenzied standpoint. This season there may not have been a truer definition for the Mike Holmgren era in Seattle. It’s been years watching the Seattle Seahawks had been an exercise in patience that apparently delivered only despair and disgust. But now Seattle's rise is no longer a matter of anticipation. Their Sunday's 31-16 win over the St. Louis Rams, the 7-2 Seahawks have taken their place as the NFC's influential team. And unlike their last year's early-season mirage, this season the Seahawks form a more substantial and promising group than flash. The critics and analysts have certainly pointed to their last season's 3-0 start and their early whispers of Super Bowl potential, but their Sunday's decisive win over the Rams is just the latest answer to their last year's failure. The achievement has boosted the consciousness of players that have plenty to prove to themselves. The Seahawks developed a reputation of being a sluggish team over the last few seasons, won the NFC West last season even though they fell apart down the stretch. The displeasure was further exaggerated when in the offseason Holmgren thought about retirement and critics subjected the team’s underachieving roster.

The Seahawks 2005 edition in its first few weeks looked same. The defense was injury-plagued and devoid of leadership and offense was a mega-distraction, but with the signings of Chartric Darby, Bryce Fisher, Kelly Herndon and Jamie Sharper, Lofa Tatupu and free-agent veteran Joe Jurevicius, the team adorned a diverse and productive look. Sunday's development of the Seahawks came as an exclamation on the Seahawks' struggle for authenticity.


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It's Seattle and Pittsburgh - who do you like?

Super Bowl Forty

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