Friday, November 25, 2005


The Saints are annoyed because of lately they haven't received any affection from NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Wide receiver Joe Horn has all of a sudden has become blunt for the team’s rights. The way he has ripped Tagliabue and the NFL for their inconsiderate way of handling the Saints' concerns in the repercussions of Hurricane Katrina, shows the commissioner’s favoritism towards other affected teams. The Saints are feeling bitter because Tagliabue hasn't met personally with the team, which has relocated to San Antonio. Horn has also criticized the league for not having any satisfactory arrangement to help the Saints in the wake of the hurricane.

Horn also is angry because the team is in indeterminate state, not knowing where it will play next season. The league is expected to announce in January the new home of Saints' and away schedule for 2006, three months earlier than the rest of the teams. At present, the team’s operations are fixed up in San Antonio's Alamodome. But for how long Alamodome will cater to them? The Saints will be thrown out next month because the Alamodome has some pending business commitment.

Is there anybody to let the Saints give an affirmation that they can go home and that they are not bait.


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