Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The Buccaneers have a special look about them that can’t be ignored. Proverbially they form the “team you least want to play” making it hard for the rivals to know what to make of them leaving no clues for rivals what they're going to obtain from the Bucs. There plenty of senseless things about the league, for instance the fact that the 2-8 Green Bay Packers have outscored their opposition. Tampa Bay over and over again has been the team to make the necessary plays. Currently, the Bucs are playing a little bit better offensively, which has allowed them to come from behind and win some games that they weren't able to play last year. The Buccaneers this season started the year with a record of 4-0, with three wins coming against the NFC North, and that was the time when no team in that division was genuinely playing good ball. Undoubtedly there is still cynicism regarding whether Tampa Bay is for real or not. It is more or less like a fairytale. It is only in your dreams that you will ever see the Bucs winning two games in which they allow 62 points combined. It is not only the fault of the environment but also the players that makes the Bucs an undeniable comedy. A Cinderella story won’t sound complete without the mentioning of a Fairy Godmother. But here the Bucs don't have any; they have Brooks, whom they affectionately refer to as The Godfather. He is the undisputed key person of the Bucs.


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