Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Now it’s been a year the Red Sox won their first title since 1918. Unquestionably, the Red Sox expected another win this season also, but the destiny had something else to reveal. One year back the event that encouraged the patrons to produce books, movies, trophy tours and teary-eyed visits to ancestors' graves -- the Red Sox are once again immersed in bitterness and betrayal and above all a search for a general manager to replace Theo Epstein. The team that came off a world championship and was able to work its way back into the playoffs also has witnessed Theo Epstein’s contract expired. Acknowledged as the most successful general manager in franchise history, Epstein rejected the team's offer of a $4.5 million, three-year extension. He has left the team when the baseball organization is busy settling the contracts of the players in the baseball offseason. The team’s business of assembling the 2006 team has come to a standstill after Epstein stunned by his decision to walk away from his dream job with his hometown team. It is a matter of concern that is this the step a step backward already this offseason?


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