Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The teams that were anticipating emerging out the popular Super Bowl picks, but right now, they have even failed to become the NFC's elite. The Eagles are plummeting, the Falcons are still relying on their offense and the Panthers are just starting to get into a groove making space for the teams like the Giants and Seahawks. It is a matter to ponder upon that would be the case in the preseason, when we still are arguing to what to expect from developing Eli Manning. Probably there’s no player that has made bigger strides than Manning, but the Seahawks' offseason acquisitions – Bryce Fisher, Chartric Darby, Jamie Sharper, Lofa Tatupu and Kelly Herndon can’t go unnoticed. They have helped elevate the defense and to create a much-needed balance. In case of Philadelphia and Tampa Bay, both the teams went from power positions in the rankings to the bottom of the Top 12. On the other side of the range, Cleveland's loss to Houston and a quarterback controversy have the Browns falling like a rolling stone that is gathering no moss with it followed closely by the Vikings.


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