Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Pistons has flourished, emerging as the league's only unbeaten through the first two weeks. With Flip Saunders replacing Larry Brown, one can only imagine what would have occurred if the Pistons began the season hovering around .500. With the newfound offensive liberation, the Pistons improved to 7-0 by defeating the Boston Celtics 115-100. It seems that this offensive liberation has made the Detroit Pistons a real threat. On Tuesday night they looked even scarier when they decided to flip the switch Tuesday night. Detroit fans can now expect excellence and can count on the chemistry between the players that helped the players to supersede the coaching change. Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton have never been more prolific than in Saunders' new warm up offense. Rasheed Wallace was satisfactory; Ben Wallace and Tayshaun Prince looked even more comfortable in their roles than they did under Brown. The Pistons played the poorest first half he could remember since arriving in Detroit nearly two years ago. Detroit will attempt to match the best start in team history, 9-0, during a two-game road trip to Houston and Dallas over the weekend.


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