Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Baseball's existing steroid penalties are a 10-day deferral for a first offense, 30 days for a second offense and 60 days for a third. The most basic could be a ban for lifetime from the baseball world is a fifth offense. Drive by the threat of legislation, baseball players and owners have agreed to toughen the penalties for steroid w.e.f. next season. The new penalty would cost 50 games for a first offense, 100 games for a second and a lifetime ban for a third, plus testing for amphetamines. It means a player who fails a steroid test will miss nearly a third of the season instead of a little more than a week. Baseball’s test for amphetamines will take place for the first time. It is a giant step forward and a remarkable step as a pro tem. When there are several bills that are pending across major U.S. pro sports, an impetus in baseball steroid penalty would definitely encourage the other league to follow baseball's lead. The agreement reached by owners and players Tuesday has come as a surprise to the players because of the severity of the penalty for a first-time offense. Some players considered the penalty for first-time offenders to be harsh. It is understood that young players want to do everything possible to gain an edge, but the latest attempts to curtail steroid use will change that.


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