Monday, November 14, 2005


In 2005, unquestionably Mariano Rivera was the best pitcher in the American League, but he didn’t become the recipient of the Cy Young Award because at the first he’s a relief pitcher, and Bartolo Colon who was one of many choices where undeserving players were selected had 21 victories. It was another classic season when great players went unrewarded when lesser players had their "career" seasons. Another similar injustice is about to take place in the American League most valuable player vote. David Ortiz was the most feared and best clutch hitter in the league, but Alex Rodriguez will probably win the award because Big Papi is a designated hitter, and a DH has never won the MVP. An all-time team of undeserving major award winners includes the names of left-handed Pitcher: Fernando Valenzuela, 1981; Relief Pitcher: Eric Gagne, 2003; Relief Pitcher: Rollie Fingers, 1981; Catcher: Johnny Bench, 1972; First-Base: Harmon Killebrew, 1969; Second-Base: Johnny Evers, 1914 Chalmers Award Winner; Third-base: Ken Boyer, 1964; Shortstop: Marty Marion, 1944; Outfield: Roger Maris, 1961; Outfield: Hank Sauer, 1952; and Outfield: Jackie Jensen, 1958.

But one could not deny the rules as written for professional baseball, this being the reason Rivera couldn’t be the Cy Young winner because someone else with an ERA nearly two runs higher had won 21 games, and baseball tradition says that if a starter wins 20-plus, a reliever can’t win. And if a player is a DH, he can’t win the MVP.


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