Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The horsepower is such that they have fetched their first real dominant win over a good team after fixing their final weakness by wiping out the Steelers and their strong running game regaining the top spot this week. Last week the Colts defeated the Bengals by a single touchdown, giving everybody a despicable eye towards their awful defense. But this week the Colts finally put the offense and defense together to look like a team that might actually match and surpass the 1972 Dolphins. The Colts win over Pittsburgh was only has made the path to the perfect season much accessible since the Colts are still unbeaten, they are still untouched and are still in contention for a perfect season. Before Monday night’s overwhelming 26-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers at the RCA Dome, Head Coach Tony Dungy had some different plans for his team. He had planned that he would make his starters rest and would have risked blowing a perfect season rather than go for a shot at immortality. Now that’s quite an accomplishment when you anticipate something else and there has been almost routine rearranging your team becomes an example of scouting evaluations. For those old Colts whose crew consisted of merely speed and athleticism is now boasting of plenty of toughness and is making a far cry from the playoff thing of the past. The Steelers were the truest acid test of Indianapolis' determination, both to its undefeated record and its diverse offense.


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