Wednesday, November 30, 2005


What makes the blogs and chatrooms so versatile is because of their depiction and discussion of even the most whimsical scenario. It is far away from the virtual reality where people talk about something, it takes on life. And once it has life, people don't want reality to negotiate. The best example of this is when the Timberwolves owner said, emphatically, he wasn't trading Garnett and never had any plans to do so. And at this Kevin McHale, vice president of basketball operations remarked that he had no talks with any team regarding Garnett and wouldn't entertain them anyway. This was further exaggerated when Garnett said he "was" Minnesota and saw himself playing his entire career there at which Pistons president Joe Dumars said he hadn't had any discussions with the Timberwolves regarding Garnett. He even commented that exclusive of an unanticipated crisis, he would not trade any of the starting players this season. These are some of the trifling facts which are still lying in the shadow of anonymity. As of right now, the facts say Garnett won't be traded any time soon.


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