Friday, November 25, 2005


After watching the Portland Trail Blazers fetching their first road win of the season with a record of 95-87 over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday, one can easily understand where Ruben Patterson is coming from. Using bad language against your coach and that too during an in-game cluster is undoubtedly never a good move, and that move particularly becomes unpleasant when that coach is no-nonsense Nate McMillan, but veteran Ruben is not nuts crazy for wanting out of Portland or even for taking radical measures to make it happen. The Blazers veterans should be patient but here the case is completely opposite. Every discussion having to do with this team in the last few years has been about the citizenship only. Sorry for the distraction, now coming to the point the Blazers ranks 26th in points surrendered per 100 possessions (109), 27th in points scored per 100 (99.3), and 27th in turnovers per game (16.4). They play poor team defense, they make bad decisions, forcing balls into traffic, and throwing the ball into the alley-oops that aren't there. They regularly go through long, flat stretches of distractedness or disinterest. I am not demoralizing the the team neither I am averting your interest from the team. There are still flashes of hope. Sebastian Telfair can't shoot, but he sees the floor and he drives by people. He's is expected to get better as the season progresses. Joel Przybilla's is promising. He runs the floor, he's got hands, he can leap, and he's developing some subtle little moves around the bucket on both offense and defense. And Travis Outlaw can play a little if he gets a chance. And so can Sergei Monia.

It’s time for Ruben to sit and see the lean and young bunch of players perform.


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