Friday, November 18, 2005


An interesting scenario is fermenting in both the conferences. Both the conferences are loaded with effervescent teams this season and having watched both San Antonio and Dallas roll to victories tonight, it is indeed a good time to discuss. The two divisions that seem to be particularly loaded this season are the Central Division in the East, with Detroit, Indiana, Cleveland and Milwaukee, and the Southwest Division in the West, with San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Memphis. These divisions very well house the two best teams in each conference. San Antonio and Dallas sport the conference's two best records while Detroit and Cleveland likewise sit atop the East. This juxtaposition of teams would make for great conference finals.

But here you all the fans, you need to go into the fancy, since the NBA has already assured that it won't happen. They have set a playoff system according to which the three division winners will get the top three seeds in each conference. This unintended playoff system will virtually make it impossible for division rivals to meet in the conference finals.


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