Friday, November 18, 2005


It has become apparent that the Philadelphia Eagles don't want Terrell Owens back, but some of his teammates and loyal fans do. But the Eagles management is absolutely resolute that Owens will not return to the team, despite of Friday's negotiation or any settlement that might be reached. If Owens' four-game deferral is reduced, Owens fears the Eagles will demand $1.75 million in signing bonus money, for which the team holds every right to take back. Owens was suspended by head coach Andy Reid two weeks ago for a sequence of incidents that included an open condemnation of the organization and quarterback Donovan McNabb. It is also feared that following his suspension of four games Owens would be deactivated for the rest of the season. Since Owens suspension has come into existence the team has lost to the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. But this stance has not softened the management. One possibility of saving the plummeting team is that if Owens could make amends with Reid, the things will definitely sort out. But it would require the grouchy Pro Bowler to come back with an understanding that he respects the coach's authority.

Otherwise the Eagles management should follow the recommendation of the NFL Players Association to release Owens if they won’t reinstate him after his four-game suspension is over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the to is the best player to ever put on an eagles uniform. the should honor him as such through salary and postive press not this negative crap that the force on him. SHUT UP JUST PAY THE MAN!

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