Monday, November 07, 2005


Conjure of the NFL teams each week seems to offer something new. Choosing the top team in the NFC is the most difficult job one can ever have. The Carolina Panthers have undoubtedly attracted some votes after defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a score of 34-14 for their fifth consecutive win of the year. The Panthers behind the solid quarterbacking of Jake Delhomme have made an impact. The Buccaneers defense was also threatening. Two scoring runs by Stephen Davis have given the team a boost, but it is Carolina's defense that made the bigger plays by intercepting Chris Simms twice forcing him to do awkwardly once, and limiting Cadillac Williams and Michael Pittman to a combined 43 rushing yards. Williams also coughed up the ball in a performance that figures to leave the Buccaneers reeling -- if that weren't already the case with their Week 8 loss to San Francisco. Now the chaos that is frustrating the discerners is that four teams in the NFC now are at 6-2 and we have to decide, Which one's the best? In a key AFC West matchup the Chiefs are to stay in the hunt with Denver and San Diego. The losses have become synonymous with the Saints. Undoubtedly they displayed a great deal of heart on both sides of the ball, but everything went in vain since they failed to stand against a fairly solid Bears team -- which, of course, makes the Bears the best team in the NFC North. Carson Palmer is once again on the threshold of recording a solid MVP case for himself. He threw two touchdowns, including a 3-yard hookup with Chris Henry, while allowing the Bengals to seize control early and maintain it. The Bengals offensive balance and defensive strength is sure to remain the way it is making them a contender through the rest of the season.


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