Monday, November 28, 2005


Now a days sport has become all about cash, Free agents are working so hard and all their deals are causing buyers sleepless nights and regrets.

Clubs are bargaining, instead of moving their players they would prefer to move the player’s payroll.

Players are getting paid amounts that shock the world of sports, amounts that would make you wonder if that particular club is being duped or the player is that good or so precious.

Hitting the head lines is one player by the name of A.J Burnet; he is 28 years of age, he stands tall at 6-foot-4 and he is a right-hander. The reason why light is being thrown in his direction is because he is about to leave Florida Marlins. Most teams are really hoping that they get him, they are badly in need of him and it is so because he is a extra good pitcher and each and every team wants to have good pitchers.

At the end of the day the fact remains ; if a player is paid too well doesn’t necessarily mean that he will play too well, this can be seen as in the case of Carl Pavano who was a player about to leave the Florida Marlins last winter. He wasn’t that great of a pitcher but somehow he was the best pitcher available in the football market. The Red Sox and the Yankees put up a competition and started offering luring amounts and finally the Yankees got the man in their team. And they placed their hopes real high and expected better-looking at his past record. Pavano instead switched leagues and he just got a walk over to huge, huge amounts of cash and he found himself in the biggest market of American sorts.


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