Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The way many teams have swung back and forth between wins and losses, the Detroit Red Wings are still the team to beat in the NHL. The Red Wings have continued to dominate, but another team that is creating buzz in NHL Power Rankings is the Carolina Hurricanes. Eric Staal tops all scorers and Carolina is tied atop the East. During last year's season-long NHL lockout, the prediction was that franchises in untraditional markets alike would suffer irreparably and Hurricanes was among those. The Red Wings are off to their best start in team history (11-1-0) plus, no other NHL team has more than eight wins generating a huge economic benefit, but the Carolina Panthers in terms of performance also don’t lag anywhere. Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos is one of the hardest of the hard-line owners pushing for the shutdown has insisted on the fact that a new economic landscape would enable clubs like Hurricanes to flourish by competing on a level playing surface. And true to his prediction behind the league's leading scorer Eric Staal, the Hurricanes are now tied with Montreal for the Eastern Conference lead. But so far, it's hard to argue with that position, especially considering the way the Hurricanes have started this season.


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