Monday, November 28, 2005


Young players have been given space to learn and grow this season. Bulls Coach Scott Skiles and operations chief John Paxson have thought it wise this was in stead of the trend going around this days that all things should be done on the spot without any delay.

This time around Bulls need to include trade as one of their top agenda; they need to trade for a better player. Failing to do so before the time of playing, their chances of winning could likely be reduced.

Next summer, Bulls could be among the biggest players in the free agent market because the contract for Thomas will be over and out after this season

The talk going on around is a rumor that Minnesota Timberwolves could trade super star Kevin Garnett, this kind of things are normally hard to determine whether they are true or false.

Timberwolves in charge can’t take the chance of any talks of a Garnett trade coming out in the open while the season is still on.

Garnett will make $18 million this season and additional three years are still left and they all sum up to $66 millions. Bulls are most likely to be one of the few clubs that can swing such a contract like the one of Garnett.

Before the Bulls can start trying to get Garnett they would have to first and fore most consider one of their upcoming stars, Thomas's contract is ending and would have to be included so that they wont be any unbalanced deal for salary.


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