Monday, October 03, 2005


The largest track in the Nextel Cup Series, Talladega is the fastest and scariest — crapshoot in racing. The reduced power affects not only the maximum speed reached by the cars but the time it takes them to achieve their full speed as well, which can be nearly one full circuit of the track.

It is scary in the sense that it turns drivers into potential victims who wait helplessly for “The Big One.” Undoubtedly the showbiz created by the collapsing of cars created here excite the folks, but it gives a real nightmare to the challengers. The terror and wreckage has led to the style of racing to be somewhat different than that at other superspeedways and is referred to by NASCAR fans as "restrictor-plate racing." It isn’t easy for the drivers, who spend more than three hours racing at speed near 200 mph, often with cars nearly touching on every side. Stewart, who bounced back from an 18th-place finish that sent him from the points lead to fifth place coming into Talladega, called the plate races “an aerodynamic chess match.” Here the races are something to be dealt with. Jeff Gordon wins the Aaron's 499, the longest Cup race in Talladega history, 516 miles (194 laps).


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